Rcopia Subscription

Dear Customer:
Thank you for your interest in Rcopia, the finest electronic prescription writer available. If you are having problems signing in, please select from the list below and then follow the steps to sign in to our system.

The steps to get started are as follows:
  • 1. Click here Log in to sign on to the system.
  • 2. Fill in a Practice Login Name (this is your practice userid for your practice administrator to log on to the system to register doctors, staff and so on to be Rcopia users.
  • 3. Create a password for the Practice login name.
  • 4. Enter the rest of the information for your practice. You can update the fields later if you don't have the information handy. Practice Name. Contact Name. Address. Address2. City. State. Zip. Contact email address. Phone. Fax. Practice Management System Data Integraton. Number of Patient.
  • 5. Once you send in all this information, you need to select what products you would like to subscribe.
  • 6. You will then be presented with a Business Associates Agreement, Contract and a Term of Use. If you are not the right person to accept them online, you don't need to sign them right away. Inform your administrator, office manager or doctor(s) to come to our site to accept the legal documents.
  • 7. You will then select the payment method. You can pay via credit card or if you desire to pay by check, request us to send you an invoice.
  • 8. Upon completion of these steps, our Implementation team will contact you to verify the information you supplied.
  • 9. You are also requested to fax us a copy of your medical license and DEA registration to (240) 331-9195. We use these to validate that only licensed professionals use our system and to prevent fraudulent drug orders. Thank you for helping us maintain a safer prescribing environment
  • 10. We will contact your practice for some additional information(e.g. names of others who need access to the system, your Internet Access method, and to arrange to upload your patient data, if applicable. You can also sign on a Rcopia training session on this site. We can offer many valuable tips to help you successfully implement Rcopia into your practice.
Upon completion of these steps, your practice will then be created. You will then need to register yourself and others as Rcopia users.
Sign up now to use our ePrescription solution. Registration is a quick and easy process. click on Subscription Registration form to get your Practice login name and Password.

Your Practice Login Name is an unique identifier for us to identify your practice account. The administrator or office manager uses this account to log on to the Rcopia Subscription system to order more license, schedule training, update practice profile, and so on.

While the User login name is an individual (a doctor, a practioner, or a nurse) user login id to log on to the Rcopia system to write prescription. Anyone who wants to use Rcopia must be registered under a Practice.

You will need your Practice Login Name to sign in to your practice account.

If you forgot your practice user login name, you must either call us or send in email by giving us your Practice Name, primary contact name, telephone number, full address and email address.

If you have forgotten your password, or your password is not working for any unknown reason, we'll provide you a new one. Click on the link Password Request Form and a new password will be emailed to you.

5. What is a Patient Demographic Extraction?
This is usually a one time extraction from your practice management system that allows us to dump your patient information into your Rcopia system so that you and your staff don't have to enter a new patient in each time you use our system. The costs is $1000. Often, the extraction can be done by a staff (OM or IT) at the practice. Depending on the Practice Management system in use, they can usually generate a report from their PMS system, save it and email us the file.

6. What is involved in this extraction?
We would send you a file on the format we support. Let us know if you have an IT person we should contact directly. We also need to know your Practice Management System, we don't support all of them. Some of them requires additional labor costs, Time and Material charge will be incurred. We also need to know how many new patients you will have, how many existing patients you have. We can also setup a time with a technical person to extract your data from your system remotely.

7. What is involved in training?
Training is approximately 30 minutes and is done remotely using a software called Webex. This allows you to click on a Internet link and view the trainer's computer remotely. We will walk you thru the product, and will also provide you with additional material if you need them. CD, static screenshots will also be used in the training.

Please call 888-271-9898 if you have questions, or email to sales@drfirst.com for problems subscribing, or wish to subscribe by phone.